Conflict Mitigation/Research Fund

Conflict Mitigation

Humans and Bears Together

As black bear populations across the United States continue to thrive and Grizzly Bear Populations in the West increase there is a major need for work on education and conflict mitigation. We feel it is crucial to educate the public on living and recreating with bears. It is also paramount that there are programs in place to facilitate a reduction in human-bear conflicts. Many State agencies are underfunded and understaffed to handle the appropriate amount of work needed to fill these two buckets. The WBF has stepped up to the plate and helped to augment both education and conflict mitigation. We are proud to say we have funded several Bear Fence Projects, as well as the purchase and placement of bear proof storage containers. Every year we participate in several bear spray giveaways that allow us to hand out bear spray and educate the public on effectiveness of spray and how to use it. We annually produce PSA’s in heavy conflict areas to further create awareness and educate the public on living with bears.

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